Land and Property


From holidays to businesses

A picture-perfect setting and activities to satisfy all tastes, Bute is ideal for self-catering holidays. We are delighted that our property portfolio includes a variety of holiday lets available to anyone looking to enjoy a short stay on the island.

For residential tenants; Bute Estate offers a wide range of unfurnished residential properties throughout the island. These include family sized farmhouses, cosy rural cottages, seaside homes, picturesque gate lodges and accommodation in the centre of town.

As well as our residential assets, our portfolio includes over 40 farm businesses including 13 dairy farms - producing some 13 million litres of milk annually.

The Bute Estate forestry is a key part of the estate covering over 1,300 hectares of woodland. More than half of this area is made up of conifer trees which provide a regular supply of timber for the Bute Estate sawmill. Bute Estate actively manages its woodlands in a balanced and commercial manner, catering not only for the timber requirements of many farmers and businesses both on and off the island; but also developing new areas of native woodland enhancing the local eco-system.

The Bute Estate Garage services and repairs vehicles for both the estate and private customers.

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