Welsh Millennium Centre, Cardiff

bute fabrics millenium

Reigniting Bute’s historic links with Cardiff, we were invited to upholster the magnificent auditorium creating a range of fabrics that allowed the stunning exterior to be mirrored inside.

Inspired by the horizontal bands of slate on the façade and the multicoloured timber in the auditorium, we created different coloured bands of fabric for the various layers of seats, as well as acoustic panels and fabrics for the wall panels in the foyer.

Based on the ‘Atlantic’ colours ranging from vibrant blues through to muted greens, the palette echoes an atmospheric impression of a Welsh beach. As well as carefully creating colours around our key ‘Storm’, ‘Ocean’ and ‘Twilight’ hues, in line with normal quality control measures we also tested each fabric for abrasion resistance and, of course, acoustics.