About Mount Stuart

mount stuart interior

Described in 1900 as ‘one of the most magnificent specimens of domestic architecture in existence’, Mount Stuart - both house and grounds – is truly one of Scotland’s finest heritage assets.

Designed by Sir Robert Rowand Anderson - ‘Scotland’s Premier Architect’ - its interior design was influenced by the passions of the 3rd Marquess of Bute. The result is a house – more accurately a Gothic Palace - which boasts a dazzling array of interiors rich in detail and intricate design; from the soaring height of the Marble Hall decorated with themes of astrology, astronomy, the four seasons, and the natural world to the incredible indoor heated swimming pool. There are also dazzlingly decorated reception rooms and stunning bedrooms rich in detail and creative design.

The gardens, dating from 1718, are similarly remarkable and form one of Britain’s finest and most historic designed landscapes. Subsequent developments saw the addition of plants from across the world – including numerous exotic and rare specimen species - and the creation of pools and water cascades by the renowned landscape architect Thomas Mawson.

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